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rpf2fivem is a tool written in C# for converting Grand Theft Auto V addon vehicles, typically found in dlc.rpf archives, to FiveM compatible resource folders.

This used to be manually done using OpenIV, but that could get tedious when done in a large scale. Therefore we created rpf2fivem.

GitHub: https://github.com/Avenze/rpf2fivem-repository

01. How it works

rpf2fivem utilizes the framework from a common and popular tool called CodeWalker, from which it extracts all resources from the dlc.rpf archive, and structures them into the correct resource folder, which can then be dropped into the FiveM server resources.

02. Additional features

We've implemented additional features into rpf2fivem, to make the experience more effective and easier. This includes features such as resource combining, texture compression etc.

Texture compression works by extracting all texture maps from the .ytd dictionaries, and compressing them using NConvert, and all this is done using the CodeWalker framework.

Thanks dexyfex for writing CodeWalker :)