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Oahu Roleplay

Oahu Roleplay is an in-house developed project at Frostcloud, it is our flagship FiveM server, built by our own team ran on our own infrastructure. We've been working on this project for over three years now, and we're very proud of what we've created.

Welcome to Oahu Roleplay, a server for all roleplayers, by roleplayers.
We're a community based around our own server, and we're attempting to
redefine the roleplaying sector bit by bit, and we hope you'll join us
for this journey.

Website: https://oahuroleplay.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/DrQd3wkzVm

01. Infrastructure

This project is heavily integrated with the infrastructure of Frostcloud as a whole, we'll go into some detail below.

Most services are running on our DCPL01 datacenter location, while not being a problem for the webserver part, it can lead to some latency on the gameserver.

This is a technical limitation, as we cannot use clustering for the FiveM gameserver.

02. Webserver

All websites and other tools, such as the Staff Panel are run on our reserved webservers within Frostcloud, using Virtualmin as a management interface, which are then cached and proxied using CloudFlare.

The forums, Xenforo 2, is the hub of the community, and we are planning on implementing authentication to the staff panel trough your forum account, once XenForo releases OAuth2 support.

03. Gameserver

The gameserver running the FiveM server application is virtualized and containerized using Docker with Wings for management. This allows for maximum performance, as well as security.

It is ultimately managed by Pterodactyl, which we run in our own infrastructure, we are currently working on implementing a caching and proxy solution for the gameserver, to speed up load times and improve latency.


Interested in running your own gameservers? Reach out to us, we'll be happy to host them for you!