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What is Frostcloud?

We are a digital technology company based out of Sweden, and we're here to provide and help you with as much as possible in this digital day and age.

No matter if you require our services as an individual or business, we are always here to help you in whatever way possible.

We work with our clients to support them, and provide them with digital technology solutions and tooling along their journey to reaching their goals in a more effective and streamlined workflow.

Compute Virtualization

We are able to effectively manage and install datacenter infrastructure, primarily virtualization enviroments, tools include Proxmox Virtual Enviroment,
Microsoft Windows Server, and more server specific equipment 

We are able to effectively manage datacenter-grade virtualization software, such as Proxmox Virtual Enviroment, 

Server Enviroments

We are experienced in Linux & Windows environments, able to manage different services and tooling in order to create the most performant and secure environments. We've previously managed Active Directory setups for clients, and other large scale setups. 

Software Engineering & Development

We are experienced in different aspects of software engineering, and we are able to create complex applications for different use cases, building around the forefront of technologies and using industry best practices. 

Network Management

We are experienced in network management, and we can manage the network setups for your business, including installation and deployment of WiFi, security cameras. We're also able to manage and deploy router, switching and more equipment.

Our expertise

We are experienced in many fields relating to digital technology, infrastructure

Hey there! My name is Alexander Pettersson, mostly known as Avenze. I started Frostcloud as an effort to provide quality services and the best experience possible. No matter what, I will always be here to help you, so don't hesitate, and reach out today!

Alexander Pettersson

Founder & CEO, Frostcloud